The gently sloping vineyards, Montiggl forest and the mountainsides on the South Tyrol Wine Road entice cyclists with all manner of trails, asphalt scenic roads as well as 300 km of forest paths.

Whether mountain bikers, racing cyclists, leisurely pedallers or e-bikers, all keen cyclists will appreciate the countryside of the the sunny South of South Tyrol.

This spring the focus is on 'Radwochen', or 'Cycling Weeks' in our local area.
EppanBike – Cycling Fair, EppanBike – 'Frühschoppen' or morning pint, EppanBike - Tours, including a sunrise tour, Night Ride, tour with cycling pros, Ladies' Tour, pleasure tour, unicycle path.
Would be great if you were there...

Michael, your host, is himself a keen biker and will be happy to accompany you on great cycling tours once a week.
e.g. Start from Waldthalerhof by bike to Bozen. Take the cable car to Kohlern and cycle over to the 'Schneider Wiesen' pasture,
then back to Leifers and Bozen. Then back to Eppan/Montiggl on the cycle path.

Or: start from Waldthalerhof and go to Graun in the Unterland district. Take the route via Kaltern, Altenburg and Söll near Tramin to Graun and back again.

Or: start from Waldthalerhof, going via both Montiggl lakes to the Hirschplätzen (with great views) and back again.

We'll be happy to help you look out shorter or more challenging bike tours and choose the right day for it, which depends on the weather a little. Then you can set out on a great day's cycling.